(Chancellor & Camac) Philadelphia, PA 19107 PH 215-735-7671.

(215) 923-1419. (Chancellor & Camac) Philadelphia, PA 19107 PH 215-735-7671.


This legendary spot on South Street is big on PBR, live music, and facilitating many a meet cute (or some distant cousin of a meet cute.

This place is more of a nightclub than a "Hookah Lounge" as said in the name. . Best Night Clubs in Philly Hi Everyone, I am a (22M) and my friends are stopping in the city, so we were looking for clubs in Philly that would be fun to go to.

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A Landmark Destination in Philadelphia Nightlife for Over 40 Years. The 14 best clubs in Philadelphia. rIloilo.

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Posted by Makumba on Tuesday, 14 October 2014.


The prices are cheap, the staff is friendly, the vibe is relaxed, and the 5. HOURS;.

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And there weren't any other gay clubs in Philly who had an under-21 night.
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It has everything you want - public art covered in oat milk ads, Hurricane Schwartz wearing nothing but a bow tie, the old Amtrak flip board. Our place is multipurpose, i. Menu.

Bouncers were very nice too Got in and even. They turned a random weeknight into a weekend-type of night. . Follow our IG philly. Turns.

And sometimes, people act more than a little crazy, and out of character, when they&39;ve had a lot to drink, or even when they&39;re just going out.

Every table is equipped with board games and sketchbooks. .

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Rittenhouse Square.

This artistic city has a lot of things to offer to the Latin American visitor.